Ravencoin Electrum Special Interest Group
*A subgroup of the Ravencoin Code Committee*

Here you will find information about the Ravencoin Electrum Special Interest Group

The Electrum SIG is a subgroup of the Ravencoin Code Committee

For general information about Ravencoin, please go to https://raven.wiki/

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Electrum Client:

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Electrum Server:

The Ravencoin Electrum Special Interest Group currently develops, maintains, and supports:
  1. The Ravencoin version of the Electrum client/wallet
  2. Legder and Trezor hardware wallet support by that client
  3. The Ravencoin version of the Electrumx server
Please note that these are WORKS IN PROGRESS.
You are welcome to use any software or other information posted here, but you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The current versions of the software supports the two hardware wallets.
The current versions of the Electrum software (both with and without a hardware wallet) support RVN coins as well as viewing Ravencoin assets. Support for creating or transferring Ravencoin assets is complete, but asset operations are not possible on hardware currently.

Most comunications within the Ravencoin Electrum SIG takes place on the Ravencoin Discord server.

For questions or to volunteer to help with the SIG activities, please post in the #electrum-sig-working Discord text channel.
Here is an invitation to that channel: https://discord.gg/f8BDJWfu

To view the most recent version of the Ravencoin Electrum SIG's Status/Instructions FAQ, please check here:

To view the SIG meeting minutes, please check HERE.

The project software undergoing development is hosted at https://github.com/Electrum-RVN-SIG

Documentation Project

The Electrum SIG is still interested in volunteers for improving the original source code documentation:

1) Work has started on documenting each of the py source code files of the Electrum client and Electrumx server so that we can better define the changes which need to be made. Please see:

2) We need another team to work in parallel to define what asset support in the Raven-Electrum client GUI should look like and which user asset functionality should be implemented in the client. So if you are able to donate some of your time and expertise, please join the conversation in the electrum-sig-working channel to self-organize a team and create a spec which describes those topics.

3) We know that the Bitcoin-Cash community created an asset-aware version of Electrum called Elecron Cash SLP to support their SLP colored-coin assets. We need one or more people to prepare and publish a report detailing what (if any) ideas and/or code we can take from Electron Cash SLP to benefit our project of supporting Ravencoin assets in Electrum. If you are familiar with Electron Cash SLP or are willing to study it, please discuss in the working channel.